Can I Drink Coffee With My Clear Aligner Trays In?

There’s nothing quite like your first morning cup of coffee to give you the energy you need to get through the day. But what if you get clear aligner at Clermont Family Dentistry? Will you be able to keep up your coffee habit and drink coffee while wearing your clear aligners trays?

You Can’t Drink Coffee or Anything Except Plain Water While Wearing Clear Aligners

The short answer is “no.” When you’re wearing your Reveal Clear Aligner trays, you can’t drink anything except plain tap water or bottled water. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

  • You might stain your trays and/or teeth – Coffee is very high in dark pigments that can stick to your teeth and cause stains over time. If you drink coffee while wearing your trays, these compounds will sit on your teeth and are more likely to stain your enamel. These compounds also can stick to your ClearCorrect trays, staining them and discoloring them. That results in a less appealing smile.
  • You’ll have a higher risk of cavities – This is particularly true if you add sugar and milk to your coffee. The sugars in your coffee will sit between your trays and your teeth, then bacteria will consume the sugar and excrete acid, which may lead to a higher risk of tooth decay.
  • You could warp your trays – ClearCorrect trays can warp and become damaged if they’re exposed to high temperatures. That’s why you’re only supposed to clean them with room temperature water.

Note that while this blog is specifically about coffee, the same principles are broadly applicable to any other type of beverage including tea, sports drinks, soda, energy drinks, beer, cocktails, and so on. So never drink anything except water while wearing your ClearCorrect trays!

Our Tips For Coffee Lovers Who Get Clear Aligners

Don’t worry. You don’t have to give up on coffee to get clear aligners from Clermont Family Dentistry. You’ll just need to make a few adjustments to your habits!

  • Take out your trays when you drink coffee – When it’s time for your coffee, just take out your trays, rinse them, and stash them in their carrying case.
  • Drink your coffee more quickly – Try to drink your coffee in about 15-30 minutes. You need to wear your clear aligner trays as much as possible for the best results, so you shouldn’t leave them out of your mouth for 1-2 hours while you sip on a cup of coffee. The faster you drink, the better!
  • Try to cut back on cream and sugar – Black coffee does not contribute to tooth decay as much as coffee laden with sugar and cream, so consider trying to cut back in order to reduce your risk of cavities.
  • Brush or at least rinse after drinking coffee – Brushing your teeth before putting your trays back in is always the best, but if this is not practical in some situations, you should at least rinse with mouthwash or drink a glass of water to help clean your teeth.

Clear Aligners Take Some Getting Used to, But It’s Worth It!

Clear aligners will require you to make some changes in your habits, including how you eat and drink. But if you want a straight, even, and beautiful smile, it’s definitely worth it. If you’d like to learn more about clear aligners and see if you’re a candidate, contact Clermont Family Dentistry online or give us a call at (352) 242-1763. Dr. Buechele can help you explore your options for smile correction in Clermont, and decide if you’re a good candidate for clear aligner treatment.

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