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Whether you have a toothache, suspect you have broken a tooth, or you’ve pulled out a piece of dental work, our doctors at Clermont Family Dentistry are here to help. We offer same-day emergency dental care in Clermont, and we can provide you with the treatment you need to restore your smile and get back to your day-to-day life. If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us to schedule a same-day appointment now.

What Is a Dental Emergency? Common Dental Emergencies

Our rule of thumb is that a dental emergency is any condition that you cannot treat on your own and is causing you serious pain, discomfort, or bleeding. If your condition meets these criteria, you should schedule a same-day emergency appointment. Oral injuries are a very common dental emergency. If you slip and fall, take a hard hit in a contact sport, or get into a car accident, you could knock out one of your teeth, or suffer a damaged or cracked tooth that will need to be repaired to prevent further complications, like an infected tooth.

Pulled-out dental work is also a common emergency issue. A loose or pulled-out filling or crown counts as a dental emergency because the vulnerable enamel below your restoration may quickly deteriorate if you do not get emergency care. Toothaches can also be a dental emergency. A toothache that lasts more than a day or two may indicate that you have an infected tooth, which will need to be treated with a root canal in order to save it and restore your smile.

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What Should I Do During a Dental Emergency?

First, you should contact us for an emergency, same-day appointment. Next, if you are missing your tooth or dental work, recover it. If your tooth has been knocked-out, grab it by the crown (top) and rinse it with warm water. Then, you can gently put it back into its socket or put it in a container of cold milk to keep it moist. Lost dental work can also be put in a plastic baggie. Remember to bring it with you to your emergency appointment! Next, you can treat your pain, bleeding, or swelling, if you have time. Clean gauze or paper towels can be used to absorb blood, which should mostly stop within an hour. You can take over-the-counter medications like Tylenol (Acetaminophen) or Motrin (Ibuprofen) to help with pain. Applying an ice pack to the cheek can also help with pain and swelling.

Above all, though, prioritize coming to our office as soon as you can. Some issues, like a knocked-out tooth, require treatment within 1-2 hours. If you wait too long, the tooth can die. In addition, getting immediate care is the best way to quickly relieve your pain, get a permanent solution for your dental injury or condition, and get back to your day-to-day life.

We Offer Same-Day Emergency Appointments at Clermont Family Dentistry

At our office, our doctors always have time for patients who are suffering from a dental emergency. We offer same-day appointments, so you can get the emergency care you need. If possible, we ask that you give us a call at (352) 242-1763 before you come in, so that we can prepare for your visit. However, if you can not call, we also accept walk-in emergency appointments. Come to our office at 12344 Roper Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711 and tell us about your issue, and we will treat you as soon as we can.

Get A Same-Day Appointment For Your Emergency At Our Office

At Clermont Family Dentistry, we recognize that dental emergencies don’t happen on a set schedule. That’s why we offer immediate, same-day appointments for all patients at our office. If you have an emergency, just contact us at (352) 242-1763 to schedule a consultation and get the care you need.

Dr. Buechele will assess your mouth, determine the best solution for your emergency, and provide you with the care you need to avoid further complications and get relief from your pain and discomfort.

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Recognizing Common Dental Emergencies

Dental trauma is a very common and easy-to-recognize cause of many different dental emergencies, such as cuts to the gums, cheeks, and tongue, cracked and broken teeth, loose teeth, and knocked-out (avulsed) teeth. If you take a heavy blow to the face due to a slip and fall, car accident, or a hit in a contact sport, you should see Dr. Buechele for a consultation right away.

Toothaches are another common dental emergency, and usually indicate an infected tooth. Infected teeth will die without proper treatment, and can even progress to cause life-threatening infections, so immediate care is essential. 

A failed piece of dental work like a pulled-out filling or crown is also an emergency, since the underlying tooth may be more susceptible to decay and infection, so you should get help right away for this condition. 

As a rule, if you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, your mouth is bleeding, and you don’t know how to treat your condition on your own, you need to see an emergency dentist. So contact Clermont Family Dentistry now for a same-day consultation.

What Should I Do In A Dental Emergency?

Not sure how to prepare for a dental emergency? Here are 5 simple steps you should take to get the dental care you need in Clermont after an oral injury or any other emergency dental issue.

  1. Call Clermont Family Dentistry – First, make sure to call Clermont Family Dentistry to schedule a same-day appointment with Dr. Mundi Buechele immediately. We can always make room in our schedule to provide our patients with immediate emergency care.
  2. Retrieve tooth or dental work, if necessary – Grab a knocked-out tooth by the top (crown) and rinse it off, then put it back into the socket or into a container of cold milk to keep it moist. If you lost a crown or filling, grab it and put it into a plastic bag. If your tooth broke, you may be able to retrieve the fragments. Put them in a plastic bag and bring them to your appointment.
  3. Treat bleeding – If your mouth is bleeding, you can use clean paper towels, gauze, or cotton balls to apply pressure to the site of the wound and absorb blood. Bleeding should slow or cease within 45 minutes to an hour.
  4. Mitigate pain and discomfort – You can take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with your pain and inflammation. You also may want to apply an ice pack to the outside of your mouth for 10 minutes at a time to help numb the area and reduce swelling.
  5. Get to our office ASAP – Above all else, make sure that you come to Clermont Family Dentistry as soon as you can. Immediate emergency dental care helps reduce your pain and discomfort, ensures you get the care you need, and prevents further complications. Come into our office ASAP to get professional care from Dr. Mundi Buechele.

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