Professional Cleanings in Clermont

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At Clermont Family Dentistry, our dentists in Clermont and our team of expert dental hygienists offer high-quality teeth cleaning services. Routine hygiene appointments are one of the best defenses against cavities, gum disease, and other common dental health issues. Call us today at (352) 242-1763 to schedule an appointment! 

What Can I Expect From A Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleanings are usually performed by a dental hygienist. Before your hygienist begins the process, they will start by thoroughly examining your mouth, keeping an eye out for any issues like damaged teeth or inflamed gums (gingivitis).

Next, we will use professional-grade tools to remove plaque and tartar from around your gums. This helps prevent gum disease and ensures that your teeth and gums remain healthy. Depending on when you last saw the dentist, this process may take anywhere from just a few minutes to fifteen minutes or longer. Proper dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth properly for 2 minutes 2-3 times a day and flossing once per day will prevent tartar from building up.

Once tartar has been removed from your teeth, your hygienist will use a special, high-powered toothbrush and a gritty fluoride toothpaste to polish and clean your teeth, removing any remaining plaque and bacteria. To finish your cleaning, your teeth will be flossed to remove food particles and other material from between your teeth.

Oral Exams – A Critical Part Of The Teeth Cleaning Process

Once your teeth have been cleaned, your hygienist will discuss your oral health with your doctor, who will then examine your mouth for signs of issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and other complications.

This is a critical part of the process of having a professional cleaning. Your doctor will assess your overall oral health, and may even suggest x-rays or further diagnostic exams if he notices that something may be wrong with your mouth.

Why Are Professional Cleanings Important?

Professionals cleanings are important for a number of reasons. The first reason is that tartar, which consists of hardened, calcified plaque, cannot be removed on your own. You can’t just brush it or floss it away, it must be removed by a professional cleaning.In addition, regular six-month professional cleanings allow you to keep your smile healthy and free of cavities and gum disease, and lets your dentist track your overall oral health to identify any potential areas of concern.

Keep Your Smile Bright And Healthy With Professional Cleanings

At Clermont Family Dentistry, our doctors and our team of experienced dental hygienists will provide you with excellent service and ensure that your smile stays healthy with regular cleanings. To schedule your first appointment, please contact us at (352) 242-1763, or stop by our office at 12344 Roper Blvd, Clermont, FL 34711.

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