Preventive Dentistry In Clermont

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What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is the practice of proactively caring for your teeth through regular checkups and cleanings as well as maintaining a proper at-home oral hygiene routine. By taking a proactive role in your oral health, you will prevent serious oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and enamel erosion. 

Prevention is important for patients of all ages. If you don’t act fast, oral health problems can worsen in the blink of an eye. Failure to properly brush and floss can result in plaque buildup around the gumline. 

This can harden into tartar in just 72 hours, which puts you at risk for gum disease. If not treated promptly, gum disease can lead to severe damage to your soft and bone tissues and even cause tooth loss.

Clermont preventive dentist

The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

By preventing oral health problems from forming in the first place, you eliminate the need for invasive, costly, and time-consuming treatment. Prevention is much less tedious than restorative treatment. Dental cleanings can also prevent bad breath and remove tooth stains contributing to discoloration.

Once you have tooth decay, you are at risk of developing an infection that can result in tooth loss. It takes a lot more time and money to replace a tooth than it does to properly care for your teeth from the start. There is also a well-established connection between your oral and overall health. 

When you have oral health problems like gum disease, you are at an increased risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. Preventive dentistry can help you prevent these serious health problems that can take years off of your life.

Preventive Treatments We Offer

Preventive dentistry in the dental office involves attending regular dental appointments every 6 months as recommended by the ADA. During this appointment, we will perform an oral exam to look for signs of oral health problems. 

We will look for signs of cavities and gum disease and will perform an oral cancer screening. If we detect any abnormal tissues, we can biopsy them and send them for lab testing. X-rays may be taken if we suspect that there is an underlying problem that can’t be seen with the naked eye, such as a tooth infection. 

These are also taken routinely every few years to paint a full picture of your current oral health. Then, Clermont dentist Dr. Buechele will perform a dental cleaning. This involves scaling away plaque and tartar from above the gum line. 

Tartar is a hardened sticky substance that can’t be removed through regular oral hygiene at home. Then, we will brush and floss your teeth to remove any remaining food particles and bacteria. 

Finally, a fluoride varnish is applied to your teeth to remineralize them and protect them from cavities. If Dr. Buechele has detected gum disease during your oral exam, you will require a more intense dental cleaning known as a deep cleaning

This is similar to a traditional cleaning except that scaling is performed above and below the gum line to remove calculus deposits that have collected in gum pockets. Then, the tooth’s roots are smoothed out so we can reattach receded gums, known as root planing. 

This process is more invasive so you will receive local anesthetic beforehand and it will take a single 2-hour session or can be split up into two 1-hour sessions.

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Prevention is the most important tool we have in the dental field. It’s what prevents tooth loss and serious oral health problems that can take a toll on your overall health. Contact us at Clermont Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mundi Buechele and his team.

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