Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline – What You Should Expect After Surgery

Getting a tooth extraction in Clermont may seem intimidating, but it’s a routine dental surgery. Plus, if you take the right steps after your treatment, it doesn’t take too long to heal. In this blog from Clermont Family Dentistry, we’ll explore the tooth extraction healing timeline and discuss what you can expect as you recover after your surgery in Clermont.

0-24 Hours After Surgery

Right after surgery, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort due to the numbing and sedation used during your treatment. You’ll need to bite down on a gauze pack placed over the extraction site to absorb blood and allow a blood clot to form. This gauze pack may need to be swapped out a few times if it becomes soaked with blood.

Once your mouth stops bleeding heavily, you can have a meal. You will want to eat soft or liquid foods like yogurt, broth, pudding, and other such foods. Avoid really hot or cold foods, since these can cause discomfort.

You need to avoid disturbing the blood clot that forms in your extraction site. Do not spit forcefully or use a straw for at least 24-48 hours. Do not touch the extraction site or brush it. You can use a prescription rinse or salt water rinse to gently rinse your mouth. 

24-72 Hours After Surgery

Bleeding will mostly stop after about 24 hours, but you may still be experiencing pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness. This usually peaks and then begins to fade after 1-3 days. Continue eating soft foods.

Continue resting and avoid heavy exertion or exercise, which can cause discomfort, pain, and bleeding. Depending on your situation, you may be able to go back to work or school as soon as the day after your surgery.

3-7 Days After Surgery

After about 3 days, your extraction site should no longer be bleeding, and your symptoms should begin to fade. 

After about a week, you will feel significantly better. You may need to come back to our office to have your stitches removed, depending on whether or not self-dissolving stitches were used.

At this point, you can start eating more solid foods like pasta, but you should still avoid chewing near the extraction site when possible. You can also brush near the extraction site, but don’t brush it directly. 

1-2 Weeks After Surgery 

You will continue to feel significant improvements during this time. After about 2 weeks, side effects should be extremely minimal. Your extraction site may feel slightly tender to the touch, but should look and feel almost completely healed.

At this time, you can resume your normal diet, activities, and routine. You can even brush the extraction site directly. The underlying tissue will continue to heal for a while, but the initial healing process will be complete. 

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