What Are the Benefits of Using a TRIOS Digital Scanner?

The TRIOS digital scanner is a tool that redefined the way digital impressions are made in the dental industry. This technology has a direct impact on how the patient experiences dental treatments, improving their quality. It can also help Clermont dentists enhance the patient's experience.

If you are curious about how this technology works and its benefits, then this article is for you. 

What Is the 3Shape TRIOS Scanner?

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanners are devices that enable dentists to create a 3S-impression of their patients' teeth and display it almost immediately after the scan has been completed. 

With this immediate and in real time result, patients can understand better the actual condition their teeth are in and the best treatment for their needs. 

With these impressions, the dentist and patients are able to have a more transparent understanding of the patient's current oral health and as a result, possible treatments can be designed with more clarity. 

Benefits of Using a TRIOS Digital Scanner

  • Comfort 

Getting an accurate image of a patient’s teeth with TRIOS digital scanner transforms the process into something more comfortable as it is faster than the traditional molding techniques. The scanner works wirelessly and free of prompts that can create discomfort. 

  • Communication 

As we said, having the results of the scan almost immediately after the scanning is done, allows the patient to understand their dental situation, better and faster. With the type of images created, the dentist can also better describe the situation, creating a more comprehensive flow of communication.

  • Versatility 

With this scanner, the treatments that could work best to restore your oral health are more versatile. The scanner can present a wide range of dental treatments that include short term crowns, removable dentures or abutments. 

  • Quality 

The accuracy with which this scanner works creates the possibility to deliver high quality restoration due to the impeccable results of the dental impressions. The precision in this technology allows treatments to be done more efficiently and the patient will reduce the many visits to the dentist until the end result is achieved. 

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We can say that the 3Shape TRIOS is a technology that revolutionizes the way dentists perform their treatments, the way patients experience the dental visits and treatment, and the impact it has on the end results of a treatment. And, of course, the amount of time needed to complete the treatment is greatly reduced. 

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